Suppliers of Furnace Bottom Ash

Furnance Bottom Ash (FBA) is the "coarse" ash fraction produced by coal-fired power stations when pulverised fuel is burned at high temperatures and pressures. It has similar chemical properties to Fly Ash, consisting predominantly of oxides of silica, aluminium and iron, but has a sand-like gritty texture. The actual physical properties of FBA are, to a large extent, governed by the type of furnaces used and whether the FBA is quenched in water or is cooled in a dry bottom grate such as the Megaldi system.

With regards to key market applications, FBA is primarily used as a lightweight aggregate in the manufacture of building blocks and other such products for the construction industry.

It can also be used in:
• Foamed concrete as a trench fill
• Structural lightweight fill material, such as in embankments on soft or poor ground conditions
• Raw feed for cement kilns
• Equestrian arenas
• Drainage materials - FBA is also popular as a free draining base and growing media in the fairways and greens of golf courses.

BMI has access to Furnace Bottom Ash in many parts of the world either through related companies or through its contracts
with power stations.