Technical Support & Solutions

BMI can draw on an extensive network of support within the Lafarge Group and through key partners
to undertake both technical and marketing studies for by-products arising from the coal fired power
and steel industries. Examples include:

•  Chemical, physical and radioactivity analysis of the by-products and their suitability
   for particular markets.

•  Market feasibility studies for cementitious and non cementitious applications. BMI is able to take
   advantage of the Lafarge network of companies operating in 64 countries.

•  Materials handling and bulk storage design options for both new and existing facilities. This also
   includes “route to market” such as safe and efficient truck loading of trucks, shipping, and
   other bulk solutions such as the use of ISO-Veyors and bulk filling of containers. Through the
   Lafarge Group and its partners, BMI can also assist with packing technologies for small or
   jumbo bags.

•  Dry ash capture and ash processing including:
        • ash conditioning
        • ash classification
        • carbon and ammonia removal
        • high carbon return to power stations

•  Blending technologies

•  Drying technologies for slag and ash