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Blast Furnace Slag (BFS). Can be supplied in granular form to grinding mills (GBFS) or as a finished
ground product (GGBFS). In the case of GGBFS, can be transported in big bags or bulk.

A by-product of pulverised coal fired power stations. It can be used as a raw material to produce cement clinker or as a blended cement addition. Fly Ash can also be used in a number of other non cementitious applications.

Conditioned Fly Ash is ash stabilised with water - typically 15% to 25%. Water makes the ash easier
to handle and to transport in tipper trucks. Typical uses include fill, road sub base materials and
as a raw feed for cement clinker manufacture.

Furnace Bottom Ash, sometimes referred to as Boiler Slag, can be used as a raw material for cement clinker manufacture together with a variety of applications such as a light weight aggregate or used as a drainage material.

Ultra light weight Fly Ash particles which can be used for fillers, refractories and in electrical applications.

For use in cement manufacture as an iron source.

Also referred to as Mirco Silica. It is mainly used as a specialist concrete addition or in the manufacture of refractories.